Fink Fountain, 1958 / 2010

Not one, not two, but three of Cranbrook's best-known artists worked on this sculpture. The sculpture itself lived in three locations before finding its permanent home at the north entrance to downtown. 

It was commissioned by the Fink family to honour Jacob Fink, the city's third mayor, first fire chief, and owner of Fink Mercantile. The fountain was first located in the now-vanished Central Park, then moved next to City Hall, and then placed in Rotary Park where it was repeatedly vandalized. It was removed, stored, and finally resurrected as a sculpture by Cranbrook in Bloom for the Centennial Garden (designed by Jenny Humphrey). Restoration and repairs were done by well-known Cranbrook artist Reg Parsons. 

The fountain's creator was the remarkable Yugoslavian emigree Zeljko Kujundzik, who escaped both a Nazi labour camp and detention by the Soviet Red Army before moving to Scotland and finally Canada. His first job in Canada was teaching high school art in Cranbrook. His assistant on the fountain was talented young artist Patrick Kemball, later known as ManWoman. Kujundzik went on to found the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson. His work has been exhibited around the world.