Rotary Clock Tower, 1982

Every quarter-hour the clock tower chimes over downtown. But it wouldn't chime without the dedication of the Cranbrook Rotary Club, which created this exact replica of the 1912 Post Office Tower. The original Post Office, which sat across Baker Street from the current tower, was torn down in 1971. The demolition of the old Post Office is still a sore spot for many longtime residents, who had wanted the old building repurposed, particularly as a library. But civic officials nixed that idea on the basis that downtown was too loud for a library; this was odd since, for 30 years, Cranbrook's small library had occupied one room upstairs in the Post Office building. The City didn't even want to save the original clock mechanics, which were built in Birmingham, England in 1912. The contractor who demolished the building saved the mechanics by covering them in grease and storing them at Fort Steele. These components were eventually donated to the Cranbrook History Centre and installed in the new tower. 

In 2015, the mechanical components (which needed weekly winding) were upgraded to electric and now, despite a long absence and a location change, chimes ring over the city again.