Elko Station, 1901

Originally located in the small community of Elko, BC, this CPR "Crowsnest B" style station was used by the railway until 1985. The CPR then donated it to Cranbrook's developing railway museum. The only trick was moving it. It took many people three full nights to move the station 70 km west down the highway to Cranbrook. Initial calculations didn't include the station's dormer so the chimney had to be reduced and many power lines lifted to complete the move. Once relocated, it was restored and became the office and visitor centre of the railway museum. Eventually museum operations moved to their new permanent home and the station sat empty for a few years. A small fire in 2013 led to another rejuvenation effort by local donors and volunteers. 

In 2016, Phoenix Antiques took up occupancy. The station, which was built from a kit of numbered pieces in 1901, is the last surviving station of its kind.