ALCO Diesel Engines, 1953

The spectacular restoration of these two ALCO diesel engines (#4090 and #4469) has been a long-term project of the Sunrise Rotary Club and other groups. 

The CPR donated the engines in the 1990s to enhance Cranbrook's railway museum zone. They were moved to their permanent site in 2002; by 2014, the hard work of volunteers had brought the engines back to their original 1953 appearance. The machines were in service until 1977 but no longer have engines. Build in Montreal by the American Locomotive Company, this type of diesel engine was first used by the CPR in the steeply graded Kootenay region before expanding their use nation-wide. When the #4090 first arrived in Cranbrook, a large crowd arrived to check it out. 

This style of engine is sometimes called a "covered wagon" because the appearance resembled the horse-drawn wagons used by settlers.