Armond Theatre, 1906

High on the wall, the last hand-painted advertisement in town -- a Pepsi sign -- fades slowly away in the sunlight. 

The Armond Theatre was built in 1951 as a state-of-the-art movie palace. Everything about it was modern, from the Vancouver architectural firm who designed it (it also designed many of the buildings at the University of British Columbia) to the electronically operated stage curtain. It was built on the site of the old Cranbrook Auditorium (which had been home to live vaudeville and theatre performances) and named after Armond Blaine, the managing director of the consortium which developed the project. The first movie screened was An American in Paris. At the theatre's grand opening, Mayor Sang commended the new building, saying, "May the curtain never descend upon its glory." 

Alas, the Armond closed in 1999 after a multiplex opened across town and the curtain has been closed over its glory ever since.