Studio/Stage Door, 1909

Cranbrook has always had a passionate performing arts community and the Studio/Stage Door is a prime example of that passion. 

The building was originally constructed in 1909 as the Masonic Temple. By 1973, a plan was afoot to knock it down to make way for a parking lot. A group of diehard actor/volunteers (led by Bud Abbott and Cornell Sawchuck) petitioned the City to save the building as a dedicated arts space. So it's now owned by the City of Cranbrook but maintained by the Cranbrook Community Theatre. The building has seen a number of restorations/improvements over the years; some of the trim details were repurposed from the old Frost Farm on 14th Avenue S. Interior space is used creatively; to get to the stage from the make-up room actors must go up three flights of stairs and down two. 

The building houses an 83-seat theatre with terrific acoustics, a large dance studio with hardwood floors, an extensive costume library (including some original Masonic robes), and one ghost named Fred.