Fire Hall #1, 1929

In 2013, Council passed a motion to knock down this small brick garage behind City Hall. 

This decision sparked the ire of local preservationists, who had watched in frustration as many of the city's original brick structures were turned to rubble by a wrecking ball. Petitions were signed, funds were raised, volunteers were found, and the building was restored. Originally constructed of Cranbrook brick recovered from a demolished private residence, it has two special architectural features: the cement quoins and the stepped roof ridge. The City Works was housed on one side of a divider and the City Electrical Works was housed on the other; in early years, an employee would use a special pole to trip an overhead switch to turn the street lights on. An underground steam pipe connected to both City Hall and Fire Hall #1 provided heat. 

Restorers in 2014 used as many original bricks as they could find in the little garage, in City Hall (left over from the the removal of that building's steeple) and from the pile left behind when the St. Eugene Hospital was knocked down. Made new again, the little garage seems lonely as it awaits a new function.