White Sturgeon, 20

Kevin Kratz Mild Steel

Pass Creek, BC, artist Kevin Kratz created his interpretation of this prehistoric lake creature without detailed drawings or models. The result is a somewhat fantastical hand-forged steel representation of the white sturgeon, an ancient species that somehow endures in the Columbia River basin despite being landlocked by dams and development. Kratz is inspired by the natural world. "There is beauty all around us and it’s found in everything." Kratz says. "Often an object many would not even stop to consider lends itself to re-creation and realization in metal." The son of a German tool and die maker, Kratz started in the family business at age 12.

He became increasingly interested in artistic approaches to metalwork. At 26, he moved to BC and has worked has an artist ever since. 

Kratz is an instructor at Kootenay Studio Arts in Nelson.