Wind Suite #1, 2016

John McKinnon Marble

Blewett, BC, artist John McKinnon chose white marble for a series of sculptures exploring the lightness and movement of wind. Wind Suite #1 seems to lift from its base like a silk scarf caught in a breeze. Throughout his 40-plus year career, McKinnon has worked in a wide assortment of materials and media, including sculpture, printmaking and painting. In sculpture, stone is his primary medium, although he has also worked in bronze, steel, concrete, clay, and multi-media. 

One of his collaborative metal sculptures, Junk Yard Bear, stands permanently outside Mount Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook. McKinnon also likes more ephemeral media, such as ice, snow, and sand.

He has taught in BC, Ontario, and Nunavut, and helped establish the New Kootenay School of Arts in Nelson.