Re-Thinker, 2018

Wendy L. Morrison Bronze & Steel

This bronze and steel piece riffs on Rodin's famous ponderer, The Thinker. Artist Wendy Morrison perched a thoughtful character on a tractor seat; he gazes at a damaged globe. 

The wheel and square axle reflect early days of farming. "My husband and I found the wheel exploring a long-abandoned farm in Alberta. It has a square axle, which likely means it is quite old, or at least somewhat primitive," Morrison says. "It got me thinking about small farms in the past, which in turn made me think of the so-called "progress" of food production -- herbicides, pesticides, genetic modification -- and how they've affected the earth. I wanted to create something that questioned the industrialization of agriculture, to suggest that the steady commercialization of farming, mass production, and the aggregation of many small farms into a few massive ones isn't necessarily a good thing." 

Morrison lives in Trail, BC.