Big Meetch, 2016

Local Ktunaxa muralist/painter Patricia Gilhuly saw a large blank wall and conceived of an opportunity to bring some bold colour to Baker Street. The owners of the large blank wall (The Choice skate/snowboard shop) jumped at the chance to support Gilhuly's vision while adding to the city's cultural landscape. 

Measuring more than seven metres high and 22 metres long, the mural took twelve days and forty litres of durable exterior paint to complete. It was a family project; Gilhuly painted the piece in her fluid, intuitive style with her fourteen-year-old daughter Lyla. "It was a flawless experience working with her," Gilhuly says. 

After discussion with Ktunaxa elders, the self-taught artist chose to depict a horse. Gilhuly notes: "A horse is really important to the Ktunaxa; they work for us, they're family."